How to become premium user?

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How to become a premium user?

In order to use all Exocharts features and desktop, you have to be a premium subscriber.

Follow steps below to become a premium user:

1. Register your account here:

2. Navigate to the premium plan activation page:

3. Choose your subscription period:

          - 1 month  = 28 EUR +VAT

          - 3 months  75EUR (with 10% discount) + VAT

          - 6 months  142EUR (with 15% discount) + VAT

4. Choose your payment method: 

          - debit/credit card

          -  Paypal

5. Procced to the payment instructions on the screen. After successful payment, your premium plan will be activated.


Please note: Some payments may take longer up to 24 hours to validate due to additional security checks. After that, payment is validated or refunded.