Exocharts Pro (desktop) roadmap for 2021+

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  • PHASE 1 MVP Release. Free Trial version accessible to web premium users only. Making core stable

  • PHASE 2 Adding exchanges: Phemex, Bybit, Binance, FTX, Coinbase Pro, Okex, Deribit, Kraken, Bitstamp

  • PHASE 3 DOM, Tape, Market statistics, Aggr Tape, Aggr DOM

  • PHASE 4 Premium version roll out. Free Trial version accessible to everybody.

  • PHASE 5 Indicators, Classic collection, Iceberg, VWAP, TWAP, Linear regression, Zig-Zag, Trade search, Harpoon (whale hunter)

  • PHASE 6 Drawing tools. MVP Set 1. PnL, Fibonacci, Lines, Areas, Shapes, Dynamic profile, Dynamic vWAP

  • PHASE 7 Additional tools and widgets. Timeline, Funding rails, Trade statistics, Correlations, Aggr market view

  • PHASE 8 Trading tools, Advanced trading execution, PnL calculation, Stage 1 selected exchanges.

  • PHASE 9 Heatmaps, Trading tools Stage 2 all supported exchanges.

  • PHASE 10 Advanced trading performance statistics.

  • PHASE Additional indicators MVP Set 2. Drawing tools Stage 2.

  • PHASE 11 Backtesting, API data delivery, automated trading, strategy execution.

  • PHASE 12 CME, Commex CBOT, Rithmic, dxFeed integration.

  • PHASE 13 To Be revealed later.

  • PHASE 14 To Be revealed also a bit later.

  • PHASE 15 To be revealed much later. Thanks for looking here

  • PHASE 16 To be revealed very much later. You must be some hardcore Exocharts fan trader if you still reading this, welcome to the club.

  • PHASE 17 To be revealed infinitely later, let's keep going.

  • PHASE 18 To be revealed eons ahead, when bitcoin reach 500k, buy ze dips yikes.