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Last price settings


1. Show Last price

Enable this setting in order to display the current price of the asset your are viewing. Alter the colour of the box beside it to change the colour appearance of the last price's label/tag.


The image above is a recently added feature to exo and allows you to change the positioning of the label of the last price.

By choosing any box on the left hand side you position the label beside the most recent candle printed on your chart. By choosing any box on the right hand side you position the label beside the time axis and the current prices highlighted price.

The 3 rows adjust the vertical positioning of the label, where when a line or dashed line is enabled the label can either be on top/ aligned with/ or below the line.

2. Show line / Dashed - 

Enable this setting to display a horizontal line which stretches from the the assets price on the y- axis, to the most recently printed candle on your charts screen. Enabling the box on the right side, alters the appearance of the line to be dashed, allowing you to remove noise from your charts screen. 

3. Extend left - 

By enabling the extend left box, you stretch the label and line, if selected, to be positioned to the far left hand side of your chart.

4. Show Label / Bordered - 

The show label setting displays the symbol you are using on your charts screen. Enable the box on the right in order to surround the symbol in a border who's outline colour is that of the chosen colour for your last price. 

5. Show Price / Bordered - 

Enable the show price setting to display a highlighted area on the y-axis (price) of where the current assets price is. enable the box on its right to surround it in a border.