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POC (Point of control):


The POC toolbar plug-in can be accessed by selecting the following icon on the left side of your charts screen:


Show POC -  Enabling this setting reveals the POC of each candle on your chart by highlighting the area in a default colour of red (Visible only when POC fill is enabled).


POC border - Enabling this setting further distinguishes the POC of each candle on your chart by surrounding the exterior in a default white border. 


POC Fill - Enabling this setting, fills the POC area of each candle in a highlight colour. 


Naked POC for VA - Enable this setting, to extend the POC area on your chart representative by a red line.


Use RAW POC - Enable this setting, to alter the POC based on a tick size of 1 of the chosen asset. 


POC settings...- Select this link to direct you to the VA,POC, Imbalance settings area where further adjustments can be made to the POC settings.

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