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Exocharts video guides

Welcome to the Exocharts Desktop Pro video guide. This video series going to teach absolutely everything you need to know to get started with using Exocharts in your trading. We are going to teach you about the various chart types, TPO, market profile charts, footprint charts, and volume profiles. We're going to show you how you can integrate external platforms such as Trading View and Trading Light directly into this software and even how you can take trades from your exchange directly


1.1 - Templates

This video complement the previous getting started video and explains how to manage the templates. We will explain how important the templates are and how to manage them: import, export, load options and etc. We're just going very briefly explain how to use the templates to manage your charts viewing setups


2 - Tools and Indicators

In this video, we will look at top toolbars where you have candle customization options available. You will learn to turn your chart from a simple candlestick view to a professional-grade order flow analysis. We will look inside the candles to analyze what is happening in the market and how market participants' behavior reflects on the candle information. We will be looking at the candles differently, which will help you to build different strategies for your trades. The second part explains built-in indicators: FPBS, TSize, DBars. OI, NL NS.

This video does not include the new indicator VWAP and Stacked Imbalances, added on 28 of May 2002, in the version 1.9.80 version release.


3. Built-in tools and TPO:


4. DOM and Tape

have never seen a dom before with all these constantly moving numbers the mechanics and the theory behind it, which will give you an excellent base understanding of  DOM. In part two, we will be looking at how you can get this set up itself. We're going through the various customization options you have available. In part three, we're going to be looking at why the DOM is necessary, we're going to explain why it is useful and how you can use it as part of your trading setup, and it can help you make better decisions.