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VA, POC (only for non-DOM mode)

 The CPL/CPR Value Area settings allow you to customise the description of the Value Area and change the interfaces calculations.



Show POC - Highlights the POC of your current CPL/CPR, where price has the most volume within your CPL/CPR's profile period. Select the box beside to alter the colour appearance of the POC.


Use Raw POC for CPL/CPR- Enable this to show the POC of an area based on a 1 tick profile on your CPL/CPR.


Show VA - Enabling this highlights the Value Area of the CPL/CPR by excluding the outside VA in a darkened shade.


VA line - Enabling this box extends a line outwards from your CPL/CPR's VAH &VAL, making the VA more distinctive to the eye. Select the box beside, to change the pre-set colour of the VA line.


Outside VA opacity % - Adjusting the integer of this box, alters the opacity of the area outside the highlighted VA. 


VA % - Alter the integer of this box allows you to increase/reduce the size of the CPL/CPR's Value Area.