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Main settings

Open interest indicator displays the total number of newly contributing contracts in the futures markets. OI indicates market liquidity. High OI refers to the high activity of the buyer and sellers, meaning that liquidity is higher and vice versa for low OI.


1 - Show visible range delta: under development

2 - Short numbers:  shortens numbers to thousands (T), millions (M), or billions (B);

3 - Text type: displays text at the top, or bottom of the candle. If candle positive, text displayed on top of the candle, if candle negative, text displayed at the bottom of the candle;

         None - no of the text displayed;

         OI Close - displays OI candle close value;

         OI Delta - displays OI delta value, within the candle;

         OI Delta % - displays OI delta value in percentage, within the candle;

         ZigZag - under development;

4 - OI Color Up: changes positive OI candle color;

5 - OI Color Down: changes negative OI candle color;

6 - Full height: under development.