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Zig-Zag settings


1 - Group with Zig-Zag: switch on/off Zig-Zag indicator;

2 - ZigZag leg minimum %: defines Zig-Zag line reversal conditions, delta value in percentage, min - 0,01, max - 100;

3 - Sync OI/NL/NS Zig-Zags with: synchronizes OI Zig-Zag reversal points, on the time scale, with selected Zig-Zag. OI Zig-Zag will redrawn according to selected Zig-Zag reversal points; 

         None - No synchronization;

         OI Zig-Zag - displays OI Zig-Zag;

         NL Zig-Zag - OI Zig-Zag redrawn by NL reversal points;

         NS Zig-Zag - OI Zig-Zag redrawn by NS reversal points;