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TSize settings

Trade size bar displays dominating trades per candle, divided by their size. By default all trades divided to 7 predefined and stomizable levels. Each bar colored in red or blue by default, read - sell orders dominating, blue - buy orders dominating, colors are customizable under settings.


1 - Color sensitivity: changes background color sensitivity, for buy and sell orders. Min - 1 value, max - 100 value;

2 - Show bar min. volume (...) - hides bars less than defined value. Zero value - no bars hidden;

3 - Show text min. volume (...) - hides numbers les than defined value. Zero value - no bars hidden;

4 - Delta mode: divides  bar into two columns, the left side displays dominating sell orders, the right side displays dominating buy orders;

5 - Shade / Tin: changes mixture of the background color, Tint - increase color lightness, Shade - increase color darkness;

6 - Fade clusters: fading cluster color to background color;

7 - Sell (bids hit) / Buys (asks taken) color: changes clusters foreground color, for the sell and bids separately for each type;

8 - Background / Border color: changes TSize background and borders colors;

9 - Show title background: Shows or hides TSize title background on the top left corner.