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In order to connect to the live data feed from the Coinbase exchange via Exocharts Desktop Pro, users must obtain an API key to authorize the connection. To do this, follow the guide provided below for instructions on how to obtain and activate an API key:


1. Log in to Coinbase - navigate to the Coinbase website and complete the account registration process. If you already have an account, log in to access your account: Coinbase - log in

Coinbase Cloud - Google Chrome_20240424_329lv.png

2. Navigate to API keys section - navigate to the developer's platform, API keys section and click on the "Create API key" button: Coinbase - API keys

Developer Platform - Google Chrome_20240424_4sdgx.png

3. Creating API key - After clicking the "Create API key" button, a new window will appear. In the "API key nickname" field, enter the desired name for the API key, select the View checkbox and click the "Create & Download" button.

Developer Platform - Google Chrome_20240424_qe07j.png

4. Copying API key - Once you have created the API key, a new window will appear displaying the API key name and private key. It is important to copy both the API key name and private key and save them for later use. Once all the details have been saved, the window can be closed by selecting "I've saved my key."

Developer Platform - Google Chrome_20240424_2bhd9.png

5. Exocharts navigation - Open Exocharts Desktop Pro application. Navigate to the top left menu, choose "Manage," then select "Connection Manager."Exocharts  Pro  [Support  auto-save ]_20240424_f9ykz.png

6. Entering API key - In the Connection Manager, navigate to the Coinbase section and paste your API key name and Private key, then click the "Save" button.

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