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Release notes:


Version 2.5.0 — 06/11/2024

v2.5.0 Major release
* Chart clusters can now indicate a 0.01% gain over the previous price cluster,
creating a consistent appearance across various markets in any price range and for
any tick size. This allows for the use of a single setup for TPO, TRev, PnF, etc.,
to accommodate any level of volatility or price range. These changes does not impact
CPL, CPR, MrK, or DOM.

* Coinbase Spot has been added.
* Aggregated charts now have price sync. and synthetic volume options.
* Aggregated charts settings show last trade data to easily setup synthetic volume.
* The OI Indicator can display data from multiple exchanges when aggregated.
* Long loading charts will now be cached and loaded much faster on subsequent loads.
* New - Brush Tool.
* New - Horizontal Ray Tool.
* New - Text Tool.
* Magnet Mode for drawing.
* Drawing tools can now be used on multiple charts by holding Shift and selecting the
charts to draw on.

* Replay performance fixed for charts with 1k+ days loaded
* The OFA tool suite (initial version).
* DOM Hotkeys have been added.
* CS Min/Max delta text mode is now available.
* Multiple charts (select by holding Shift) can now load the same pair.
* Fixed monthly VWAP when the month rolls over with the week.
* Added Candle body opacity options.
* TPO POC Rays now have custom width settings.
* Chart Settings now include Fast mode ratio (lower ratio shows more data).
* Naked POC Look Back and Look Forward settings are now available.
* The Naked POC Hide miss shot looking forward feature has been added to aid in
identifying npoc clouds.

* TPO Single Prints and Tails can now have custom width.
* Keyboard shortcut (Ctrl-F) to maximize/restore chart.
* Rekt Volume is now available.
* OI Delta text mode is now included.
* FPBS constant font size.
* Delta candle chart, when using small period has been fixed.
* dxFeed API endpoints have been updated for new infrastructure.

Version 2.3.8 — 05/01/2024

v2.3.8 HotFix
* Fixed Monthly TPO

Version 2.3.5 — 12/12/2023

v2.3.5 Data feed update
* Added Bitget Futures exchange
* Added Bitget Spot exchange
* Added Okx Futures exchange
* Added Okx Spot exchange
* Added Woox exchange
* New Synthetic Volume mode for Coin-M and Okx cotracts when contract value other than 1


Version 2.2.0 — 17/11/2023

v2.2.0 Update
* Bybit connector rewriten for api V5 for better stability
* Reconnect issues fixed
* TPO session split fixes


Version 2.0.1 — 18/05/2023

v2.0.1 HotFix
* Fixed TRev, and other range candle replay
* dxFeed connector fixes
* VWAP StDev bands can be set on top
* Last TPO position fixed
* Rendering performance fixes


Version 2.0.0 — 27/04/2023

 Major v2.0 release
Whats new:
* Binance USDT-M
* Binance COIN-M
* Binance Spot
* Binance USA
* 1-click Replay
* OI, NL, NS Profiles
* Marker, CPL, CPL session filters
* Many minor fixes and loading performance improvement.
* Mac M1 Max, M2 Max support


Version 1.103.0 Beta — 31/01/2023

 1.103.0 HotFix, Bybit servers not responding in some regions, this will fix the issue.

Version 1.101.0 Beta — 18/01/2023

 1.101.0 Important hotfix for TV drag glitch, fixes other web tools drag events.

Version 1.100.0 Beta — 18/01/2023

1.100.0 Build, 1.100.0 update, dxFeed enabled, Desktop Pro goes free!

* Since now Deskto Pro is free.
* No registrations no login, just download and use.
* There's a catch though, free all symbols that starts with SHIB DOGE SOL no limit on all supported exchanges.
* Web tools are free for life too.
* dxFeed enabled you can go and buy account.
* for now dxFeed supports only CME, Eurex, Nymex still waiting for Nasdaq stocks and ETF approval.
* 70+ tickets fixed. Track prgress on Clickup

** MAC Ventura 13+ please refer to this article for security fix:

Version 1.99.1 Beta — 22/12/2022

1.99.1 Build, includes many performance updates and CME, Eurex, Nasdaq integrations

* dxFeed stable and ready to use, we will announce once it will be enabled on
* Cloning Tabs added
* Imbalance calculation for gap bars fixed
* Cloning DOM template fixed * New DOM default color scheme
* Last drawing tool does not delete fixed * DOM disconnecting after long run fixed
* Reset group fixed * Legacy divergences added back
* Drawing Tools glitching when panning chart fixed
* Drawing Tools - Profile, Square, Measure if selected can be dragged by holding any area
* Drawing Tools - settings opening on drag start fixed
* Drawing Tools - Profile: Send Back fixed * Template loading by numpad fixed
* Flickering of Imbalances fixed
* Last price flickering fixed
* Performance drop after adding few Fib tools fixed
* TPO Decoupled from orderflow now it can draw both with separate ticks
* TPO Profile opacity
* TPO Letter opacity
* TPO Profiles width can be multiplied for small period TPO's
* Price scale, Time scale, Indicator border width can be changed.
* VWAP render performance fixed
* TPO Merge, MergeX font size fixed for retina displays
* Session Candle period added to the chart
* Faded Delta clusters fixed
* Max zoom out level significantly increased
* CPL not showing DOM fixed
* TRev and PnF performance fixed.
* 30-50% less RAM usage
* Default chart theme adjusted
* dxFeed is waiting for approval from dxDevs

Version 1.95.0 Beta — 23/10/2022

1.95.0 drawing tool, perfromance update

* Performance issues resolved by removing all WASM and CanvasKit dependencies
* Most drawing tool glitches fixed
* Anchored VWAP now have StDev bands by default
* Dynamic profile can be anchored
* Dynamic profile max width can be set
* Fib tool can be anchored
* All tools now have 2 modes for drawing:
Press ... Drag ... Release
Click ... Move .. Click
* Candle Statistics separate rows can be switched off
* Fixed performance issue when bid-ask and full numbers enabled at the same time
* Memory leak/ CPU usage finally tracked and chased, it mostly affects Exo Pro users who've been using it since day 1.
* TPO Switching Split mode breaks the chart, fixed.
* Added Noto Sans font family.
* In lock-to-last mode, cannot zoom x-axis by scroll or drag if in TPO mode fixed.
* File -> autoload background charts
* File -> always on top, Exo stays in front no Mather what
* File -> Use OpenGL instead of DirectX, Windows users with very old video cards or low end Intel/AMD video cards can opt in for OpenGL renderer
* File-> Disable V-Sync and Limiters - Users with high-end video card can opt out of frame limiter to get ultimate fps, its sensible only on 144hz+ monitors

Version 1.85.5 Beta — 20/10/2022

1.85.5 maintenance release before CME and Stonks, it is a stable reference version for longer term

* Bar Candle / Embedded bar candle modes
* POC text custom color
* POC Borders full-width option
* CPL/CRP DOM and DOM incomplete snapshot on reconnect fixed
* Imbalance boxes visual fixes
* Embed candles align fixes
* Chart and DOM font selector
* Font size ratio height/width setting
* Locale format for full numbers
* DOM (CPL/CPR) Setting “Text Dual Flipped”
* Dual POC for CPR DOM
* Drawing tools bugs fixed
* Chinese locale characters fixed
* Hidden in the background charts will not auto-load for memory saving
* Memory leaks fixed
* CPU usage reduced 30%


Version 1.70.3 Beta — 20/08/2022

 Release 1.70.3 - New Tab System 
* Primary and Siblings can have Groups
* Groups can be re-ordered, renamed dragged out the window or into the other window menu
* Groups can be Anchored (normal way) or De-Anchored (unlock icon or dbl-click on header)
* De-Anchored panes can be moved around or dropped on empty space to create another drag pane
* Tabs can be reamed and reordered
* Old workspaces can be imported but older Exo-Pro versions won't understand 1.70.0+ workspaces (backup your current workspace)
* Design unification with Exo-Web
* Couple dozen bugs fixed reported by users
* Hyblock added to web-tools
* Vematrade added to web-tools


Version 1.18.5 Beta — 20/08/2022

* Global cursor 
* Keymap
* TPL load by keys
* Delta divergences
* TSize delta divergences
* Native/Borderless window switching
* Performance tweaks
* DOM Bid-Ask combine in one column
* Improved Web template import for markers and TPO
* Load only template colors added back


Version 1.10.55 Beta — 04/06/2022

* TPO Mode and TPO Letter mode is now on Top Menu bar like web 
TealsStreet terminal added to web tools
* WiewBase, Protonmail removed from web tools
* NL NS DBars candle padding when in full-height mode
* VWAP Color change fixed * POC Border color fixed
* NL, DBars render fixed * Numerous TPO Fixes


Version 1.10.17 Beta — 18/05/2022

- Import/Export workspace files (*.ewp) 
- Workspace loading fixed Fixed "Protocol Error" when connected through slow WiFi
- Performance of TRev 42-26 charts significantly improved when using TPO mode
and 30 days of history
* TPO and Vwap can be split by Exchange Day and Chart Day,
* Additional time axis markers Day, Exchange Day, UTC+00 start
* Normalization is back in Data Source settings panel
* TPO bug fixes
* Mac another stability fix attempt, please update to Monterey 12.4


Version 1.9.86 Beta — 28/04/2022

- HotFix please update immediateley
- Added TPO Session Bar
- Fixed VPOC text
- Fixed TPO Open/Close arrows
- Mac ARM M1 performance is back


Version 1.9.80 Beta — 28/04/2022

- VWAP Indicator 
- Stacked Imbalance Indicator
- Data Source - Synthetic Volume feature added for Chart, CPL, CPR, DOM
- Tools can be drawn outside candle chart
- TPO: VPOC and TPOC can be shown simultaneously
- TPO: VAL, VAH, IB, SP, BT, ST, TPOC, VPOC now can be extended to the
right with price marker and label
- TPO: Volume profile can be underlayed behind TPO profile
- TPO: Single Print -> Show only first print option added
- Tools drawing freezes when right click fixed
- Imbalance boxes drawing on zoom fixed
- Tabs disappear when single chart in workspace fixed
- CS text overlays on Retina Mac bug fixed
- Dynamic profile can be transparent
- Dynamic profile text overlays main chart bug fixed
- Dynamic profile Send To Back function
- Extended levels added to Fib Tool
- TPO - Delta overlay fixed
- TPO - Merging Volume Profile broken fixed
- TPO - First session impossible to merge fixed
- CPR DOM bug fixed
- Session names showing incorrect fixed
- MP Statistics overflow on MAC fixed
- Occasional crash on windows fixed
- Startup now properly detects fastest video entry Vulkan|Metal|OpenGL|DirectX

Version 1.9.40 Beta — 30/03/2022

- Added Delta profile by delta feature
- Added DOM reset all button
- Fixed drawing tool blinking
- Another attempt to optimize M1 and Mac stability

Version 1.9.34 Beta — 12/03/2022

- All Libraries were updated to the latest with dozens of security patches
- Java 17.0.2+8 update
- Chromium engine 98 update
- Now MacOSX app is pure native, meaning ARM built on M1 will be much faster

Version 1.9.24 Beta — 27/02/2022

- Partially mac crash chased down

- TREV Live candle now prints correctly
- Some performance issues fixed
- Mac M1 new libraries changed

- Trend Reverse calculations fixed 
- Removed option Normalize candles
- Mac M1 multi-monitor issues fixed
- No more Lag when zoomed-in on small periods

- Web Tools added:
- Limited set of publicly accessible websites with Exocharts Pro tab system
- Small set of the best crypto tools
* Web Tools is using Google Chromium open-source browser, which is similar
to Chrome in all ways including security. You still need to login into all
websites, this is a separate browser

- HotFix of the Hotfix: Tools flicker

- Hotfix, pleas update: Pair favorites
- Mac safe sleep recovery fixed
- FPBS Tsize not updating fixed

 Version 1.9.0 Beta — 28/01/2022

- Workspaces are now a SET of Windows 
- DOM Headers added
- DOM Performance increased
- UI Redesigned
- Connection stability fixes 
- MAC users: Only Monterey 12.1+ supported (BigSur and lower removed from the support)
- Many small fixes

- M1 Fallback update until we get an update from google 

- HotFix
- Session split fixed, now works for all modes (TPO and Normal )
- Fixed reported freezing issues
- Fixed TPO last volume profile update
- TR 24-16 TPO now working properly


- Borderless workspace
- UI colors changed close to the web version
- TSize auto-calculation fixed
- Scrolling over any axis will zoom in/out
- Fixed Mac trackpad support out of the box
- NL/NS/FPBS Session split fixed
- Fixed Rekt updating issue
- M1 ARM native libraries updated
- Fixed crashing issues
- Many UX tunings
- Workspace loading crash fixed

- DOM synced for 60 fps, it's much more fluid and snappy now
- DOM Crosshair added
- DOM Visual glitches fixed
- Workspace crash after minimizing fixed
- DOM works on the 3D engine (please update your drivers if you see any glitches)
- Implemented a new ultra-fast WebSocket tunnel for heavy-data transfers,
which allows us to enable Quant API. It will be called Exo-Quant Console,
it is still very much a work in progress, but a full manual on how to connect
to it is on its way and will be ready very soon.
- Stability fixes
- MAC M1 ARM build added
- MAC right click with trackpad added
- MAC trackpad pan while holding Shift added
- Fixed flickers with M1 graphics unit
- Fixed app crashing randomly (windows)
- Fixed CPL CPR resize on retina display
- FPBS updating data fixed

- DOM & Tape added
- Dark/White theme quick switch added
- Template sessions now imported with 1.8.0+ *.etp (please re-export templates)
- TSize can now be in Market mode while Chart is in Limit mode (like on Web)
- Web now imports sessions
- TPO sessions can have separate colors
- Previous month Markers added
- Markers Tick can be synced with chart
- Markers' data discrepancy fixed
- Many performance and freeze issues fixed
- 80% of bug requests from app form fixed
- Java upgraded to version 17
- Apple M1+ support added

- Chart performance is just on the NEXT LEVEL Engine was completely rewritten
on OpenGL/DirectX11/Metal
- Many bug fixes from the previous version,
- MacOSX version released

- Java 15 update 
- Dynamic Profile tool
- Measure tool
- VWAPs can be anchored to the end
- Delta Ladder Profile (shows delta as diagram)
- dEQ, pdEQ, wEQ, pwEQ, mEQ for Auto-Markers
- IB and VA Lines are now visible
- Right click to re-download data if it has gaps