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Embedded candle types

Embedded display types are embedded into the candle cluster. 



OHLC candles display the candle open, high, low and close always to the left of the cluster.2021-08-02_19h16_55.png


OC and HL

Both OC and HL are essentially the same as OHLC. The candle is always displayed to the left of the cluster. However, OC only displays the open and close of the candle, whereas HL only displays the high and low of the candle.2021-08-02_19h19_33.png2021-08-02_19h20_42.png

Note how HL candles build the body of the candle from the high and low. There are no wicks.



Embed display type will be different depending on what kind of cluster type is selected.

For clusters that are "1-sided" (volume profile, volume cluster, delta profile, delta cluster) the candle will appear on the left of the profile as OC candles. The difference is that Embed candles are overlapping the cluster whereas OC candles are displayed as separate from the cluster.2021-08-02_19h49_06.png

When using "2-sided" clusters (bid-ask profile, delta ladder, delta ladder profile), the candle will appear in the centre of the cluster. Also, the candle will display as a OHLC candle. 2021-08-02_19h52_31.png