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Candle mode setup

In Exocharts, besides the traditional Candlesticks representation,  additional detailed information is embedded, according to chosen candlestick:



1 - None: no candle frames displayed;

- Color Candle: candle borders, Open/Close and High/Low levels shown; 

3 - Color Box: candle borders and Open/Close levels displayed without High/Low (OC) levels;

4 - Bordered Candle: color-filled candle Open/Close area shown with separated border and High/Low levels;

5 - Flat Candle: candle Open/Close area filled with color without separated borders and High/Low levels;

6 - Mono Candle: monochromic candle Open/Close borders displayed with High/Low levels; 

7 - Mono Box: monochromic candle Open/Close borders showed without High/Low levels; 

8 - OHCL: candle bar Open/Close showed with High/Low levels; 

9 - OC: candle bar Open/Close displayed without High/Low levels; 

10 - HL: candle bar High/Low levels displayed; 

11 - Embed: embedded candle bar Open/Close displayed without High/Low levels; 

12 - Exo Candle: Exocharts exclusive color set of Color Candle with High/Low levels;

13 - Settings: additional candle settings.


To find more information about the traditional candlesticks concept, follow the link below: