I have paid and it still says trial

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I have paid and it still says trial!


Our payment collector, Paddle, handle all the payments. 

Every transaction that goes through the Paddle system is allocated a fraud score. The score is dependent upon how likely it is that the transaction is a case of card misuse or fraud. This score is increased by a number of different factors including but not limited to: recent fraudulent transactions on the card, recent transactions on the card under a different name, or a number of recent transactions on the same card at varying locations.

If the fraud score is deemed too high, our platform will flag the transaction for manual approval. 

At this point, Paddle will put an authorization hold on the customer’s money in their payment account for the transaction. This will then only be processed if the flagged order has been manually approved, and the customer is charged. If the flagged order is deemed fraudulent or illegitimate, the money is released back to the customer via their method of purchase, and they are not charged.

Typically flagged orders are handled by a member of the team within 1-2 hours but can take up to 24 hours.

If you want to contact regarding flagged order or require the product as a matter of urgency, don't hesitate to contact the Paddle support team here with the email address you have used to purchase Exocharts subscription.