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Exochart web platform

A brief overview of the Exocharts web platform:

Exocharts Web and Desktop platforms were developed to provide comprehensive and intuitive orderflow charting data. The Web platform has limitations in functionality because of the data supplied by server limitations. The desktop version can handle more data because it is processed locally. Therefore the functionality of the web versions is limited compared to the desktop.

Differences between Web and Desktop platforms:

1 - Exchanges comparison: 

Web  Desktop
Bitmex Bitmex: Futures
Bybit Bybit: Futures & Spot
Okex Binance: Futures & Spot
Binance futs. Woo-X: Futures
  Bitget: Futures & Spot
  Okx: Futures & Spot
  Coinbase: Spot

Besides the Web version having more exchanges, the Desktop version has more pairs.

2 - Functionality:

The Web platform is dedicated to charting only where the Desktop version can offer additional functionality. Functionality comparison:

Feature Web  Desktop
Charting Yes Yes
Templates Yes Yes
Drawing tools No Yes
Mrk, VA, POC, CPL, CPR Yes Yes
FPBS, TSize, DBars, OI, NL,NS Yes Yes
TPO YES (limited functionality) Yes
Tape NO Yes
Trading NO Yes (Coming soon)
Multi-tab windows management NO (only web browser functionality) YES (multi-tab and sibling window management)


Charting window overview


1 - Profile information menu:

          Details - account information (status, username, email, history), subscription information, platform information;

          Payments -  subscription purchase page;

          Desktop Pro -  desktop token code and desktop versions download links;

          My screenshots - saved screenshots page;

          Delete Account -  account deletion page;

          Documentation - links to FAQ, User manual, and Roadmap;

          Community - links to the community pages (discord, Twitter, Youtube, etc.);

2 - Exchange and pair selection menu;

3 - Candle setup menu: period, tick size, cluster type, text type, and candle type;

4 - Liquidations indicator (13.1 & 13.2), Volume and trades information bar (15) menu;

5 - Indicators menu: FPBS, TSize, CS, DBars, OI, NL, NS, vWap;

6 - Default: reset to default settings button;

7 - Take a screenshot button;

8 - Settings and templates menu;

9 - Chart title: brief chart settings information;

10 - Price axis;

11 - Left toolbar menu: Markers, Value area, Point of control, Composite profile left & right, TPO, marks tree;

12 - Candle example;

13 - Rekt: 13.1 - Shorts liquidations, 13.2 - Longs liquidations;

14 -  Price marker;

15 - Volume and trades view bar;

16 - Indicators (FPBS, TSize, CS, DBars, OI, NL, NS, vWap) view bar;

17 - Indicators vertical axis bar;

18 - Horizontal axis timeline;

19 - Bottom toolbar menu: Sessions, Hours, X grid, Y grid, Crosshair view on-off;

20 - Chart view and control options: price scale lock, lock the view to the last candle, reset scales, enable Zoom scroll;

21 - Local time & timezone information.