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In this section, we publish short descriptions and links to trading courses based on the Exocharts software or complementary to each other.

Trading Riot


The purpose of this website is to publish content about trading and market research.

Most of the discussion will be around Futures trading in cryptocurrency and legacy markets.

I set up this website as a personal blog covering different trading strategies and techniques. I use the same system across all markets, trading Crypto, CME, and Eurex products.

I use Volume and Market profiling methods with Orderflow and different price action patterns to capture intraday/intraweek moves in my trading.




Chart Champions built the bridge between the demand for "know-how" on trading the markets and how to apply it independently. For decades, people were left in the dark or presented with overwhelming definitions of what it meant to be a trader in the financial markets. Then Bitcoin emerged, along with a complicated explanation of its own. Today Chart Champions is brought to you by a team of experts with experience in both the stock market and the Bitcoin market.


Toros Crypto


Toros Crypto was founded with the belief that anyone can become a successful trader and investor if they can learn the critical aspects of technical analysis and apply them with sensible trading, sound risk management, and defined risk. Do you want to improve your trading skills to win more trades and make more money? Then Toros Crypto is the place for you!


Crypto wizards

Crypto Wizards

On the internet, you will find a lot of trading groups and communities, so why choose us?

We are focused on providing the best, most cutting-edge trading education. Our learning section will explain the fundamentals right up to the most advanced techniques and strategies.

Much of the learning material is based on price action, volume, and footprint charting and is at a completely different level compared to standard retail trading. We are a small community, so we can guarantee you a personal approach.




Exocharts Course in german language by TradeWizards.

Krypto Trading für Anfänger und Fortgeschrittene

Noch nicht profitabel? Sie wünschen sich einen Mentor?

Der Schritt für Schritt Krypto-Trading Kurs mit einem Discord Live Chat und 1:1 Mentoring.

Erlernen Sie ein Trading System mit hoher Winrate, um ein profitabler Trader zu werden.




Through market insight, education, community, and hands-on support, our goal is to help you become the trader you want. LEARN TO BECOME THE TRADER THAT YOU WANT TO BE. We know what it's like to take our first step in the markets, and we understand how difficult it can be to get it right. Learn why thousands of people from across the globe come to TradeDevils to learn to be better traders. The Belt System teaches you the theory, covering everything from simple concepts to an in-depth discovery of the Elliott Wave, algorithmic trading, and market geometry. It will show you how to use these ideas to trade effectively across the markets of your choice.


Oasis Trading Group

My name is DejaBrew. I am the Oasis Trading Group co-founder, a growing community of new and experienced traders where we all come together to improve our trading abilities. I have created a trading course, trading indicators, and a crypto coin scanner to help traders excel and gain an edge on the market. I embarked on a journey to provide value to traders through education and trading tools that will allow them to achieve their advantage. Remember, Trade to Trade Well, Not to Make Money. Always manage your risk and have fun.


Bitcoin Heroes

Bitcoin Heroes

My name is Cibi. I have been trading for 6 years. I've been consistently profitable for the past 2 years, 80% win ratio and making around 500-1000$ per day trading bitcoin and Ethereum. I am mainly trading bitcoin and Ethereum as they offer daily trades in all time zones. Why? They are the most volatile assets in the world with huge volumes, and they have the best order flow and respect for technical levels. I believe you don't need to trade any other asset class, and you should master one instead of being average on multiple.
Bram is also a key teacher here, he helped with the group as no one else, and he is well educated, a respected trader and the main Coach here. We are running our group in a friendly spirit, as a family with a personal touch. You will become a profitable trader here, and we do not doubt it.




” It all started when some people asked me to create a discord server in 2019 to present my personal technical analysis. With my very successful TA’s and predictions, after 2 years of creating a friendly and professional community and meeting awesome and really cool people from all around the world, in April 2021, I decided to change the features and create MOONCHARTS with a Youtube channel, social media, more features, better content to learn,… because I noticed that many people, unfortunately, misuse Elliott Waves and say it doesn’t work, it is bad,….. This gives very bad publicity for one of the best technical analyses in the world where you can predict the next moves, tops, and bottoms… and this is also what I want to change in people’s minds.
Today, I am really proud of what MOONCHARTS is and for me,
this is just the beginning. I’m looking forward to creating a bigger community
where we can all learn Elliott Waves the right way and become successful in
trading. There is a long way to learn and become profitable in trading, but
everything is possible if you put hard work into it.
I love teaching people about Elliott Waves, and it’s such a beautiful, strong, and powerful emotion to see people become independent and profitable in trading. “