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Bid-Ask Profile


The Bid-Ask Profile is an overlay that reveals the volume traded on the buy (bid) and the sell (ask) sides at each price point. In essence, it is a more detailed volume overlay, making it a highly valuable tool in any trader’s arsenal.


The Bid-Ask Profile is powerful because it helps you understand the type of activity, moving prices. You can gain far more insight into market reversals and whether or not there is enough activity to sustain a trend.

For example, if there is an uptrend, you should see an increase in volume on the bid side because buyers are bidding more than those who are asking so asks become filled and price proceeds positively. Conversely, if there is a downtrend, there should be an increase in volume on the ask side because, asks exceed the bid amounts so bid orders get filled and price proceeds negatively. Price movements only occur due to aggressive orders which can be clearly seen in further detail using delta as your text.

Like with the other overlays, you can activate the Text Bid-Ask option to see the exact figures. You can also opt for a Text Delta or Volume overlay, as well as activating Imbalances.


You also have the option of modifying the appearance of the candle, to feasibly see what is occurring in the market.

Once again, be mindful of tick size. The smaller the tick size, the more detailed information you will get, but the risk of noise increases exponentially.