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Font, Candle settings:

Font, Candle settings can be found via the following:

> Right-click on your charts screen that you would like to change.

> Select "Chart Settings".

> Select the "Font, Candle" category on the left hand side.


1. Chart Font -

Select this setting in order to alter the appearance of the text used on your charts screen. The following fonts are available to choose from: 


2. Short Numbers - 

Enable this setting to abbreviate larger numbers that typically appear on your chart. Numbers above 1000 become abbreviated to values represented by "k"=1000 "m"=1,000,000 and "B"= 1,000,000,000.


3. Axis font size - 

Altering the numerical value of this setting allows you to change the size of the text used on your charts axis. Typically the axis displays time against the price of an instrument.


4. Minimum cluster height to show text - 

Altering the value for this setting allows you to change the height of the cluster (when clusters are enabled) required to show the values within the cluster. By increasing this settings values, text values are show if the clusters heights are increased. 


5. Cluster auto-font size maximum - 

Adjusting this settings values, will consequently change the maximum possible size of text values shown on your charts screen. 


6. Cluster auto-font size ratio height / width - 

 This setting has 2 values in which both can be adjusted. The box on the immediate left functions, to allow you to change height of auto font, whilst keeping the value of the width constant. By doing so the left box serves to allow you to alter the general height of each cluster  required for the specific text size to be displayed. Vice versa for the box on the right however instead of the height of clusters changes the width required for auto text size to be shown.


7. Direction Candle thick - 

Enable this setting to thicken the borders of your candles printed on your chart. This only applies to candles that have direction and not candle with no direction (i.e. embed).


8. Side / embedded candle clustered - 

Enable this setting to embed any candles that show clusters on your charts screen. 


9. Always show last candle H/L/Range - 

Enable this setting displays the values of the candles highs and lows of your current candle, as well as the range of this candle shown in brackets. 


10. Candle Limit for Order flow data - 

This value evidently is the minimum amount of volume required within a candle for order flow statistics to be shown. If adjustments are made tot his setting you will need to rebuild your chart so that it can be reconfigured to the chosen values. 


11. Indicator Auto-Scale padding % - 

 Altering the numerical value of this setting allows you to change the way in which exo-desktop auto scales indicators. Evidently increasing values stretch the indicator scales by a greater amount each time, and vice versa for decreasing values. 


12. Show Candle Statistics - 

Enabling this setting will display statistics of each candle including: Volume, Delta and the Highs and lows price. This is given to you above each candle and the statistics shown can be modified.