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REKT settings: 

Rekt settings can be found via the following: 

> Right-click on your charts screen that you would like to change.

> Select "Chart settings". 

> Select the Rekt category on the left hand side. 



1. Show REKT (Liquidations) -

Enable this setting to see positions being liquidated on your chart. The default colours for long positions being liquidated is red (market sell orders).

For short positions the colour is green (market buy orders). A liquidation is what we refer to when an accounts entire position has been forced to close at market due to lack of equity. 


2. Circle auto-size -

Enable the auto-size setting, in order to let exo-desktop automatically create a size relative to the size of positions being liquidated. 


3. Order size for max. radius -

Any chosen value for this setting will mean that any number equal to or greater than the chosen value will have the maximum circle size, in terms of liquidations. 


4. Max. circle radius

Altering the value of this setting, evidently changes the maximum possible size of a liquidation circle on your chart. 


5. Hide order less than -

Changing the value of this setting, means that liquidation orders of the chosen amount and lower will not be displayed on your charts screen.


6. Show order volume and price - 

Enable this setting to show each liquidations price level and order size.


7. Box behind text - 

Enable this setting when the above setting is enabled to place a bordered box around the statistics of each liquidation area, being easier to distinguish from the background of your chart. 


8. Short numbers - 

Enable this setting to abbreviate the value of orders to k's (thousands) , M's (millions) and B's (billions).