VA (Value area), POC (point of control), Imbalance settings

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VA, POC, Imbalance settings:

VA, POC, Imbalance settings can be found via the following: 

> Right - click on your charts screen that you would like to change.

> Select "Chart Settings".

> Select the "Chart" category on the left hand side.



1. Scale cluster by lower bound -

Enabling this setting, reconfigures the cluster settings to be scaled to the Lower bound of the chosen tick setting, you have preset on your chart.


2. Show VA -

Enable this setting to display a highlight on each candle that segregates the Value Area to be distinctive. This can be representative through the shading of the candle.


3. Show VA lines -

Enabling this setting allows you to have a a configuration of the VA where lines can be seen on each candle to make it easier to distinguish between the outer and inner Value Area of each candle.


4. Outside VA opacity -

Altering the numerical value of this setting allows you to change how visible the outer VA of each candle is.


5. VA % -

Altering the percentage value of this setting allows you to adjust the calculation method that is used to calculate the VA on your chart for candles and ranges as a whole. (Recommended values are 68 and 70 %) 


6. Show POC -

Enable this setting to highlight the POC of each candle printed in a red colouring so that it is clearly visible. The POC will be calculated based on the current selected tick size for your chart. (colouring can be adjusted in the "Colors" Setting.)


7. Use raw POC -

Using the Raw POC setting allows you to readjust the POC of each printed candle to be based off the amount of volume transacted based on 1 tick of the trading asset.


8. POC fill / border

Enable the box on the left to have the POC of your chart to be highlighted and filled in the colour red. (colouring can be adjusted in the "Colors" Setting.)


9. POC border width -

Alter the numerical value of this setting in order to adjust the width of the border that surrounds each POC. Values range between 1 and 5. 


10. POC border Full width - 

Enable this setting in order to maximise the width value of the POC border applied to your charts screen. 


11. Show naked POC lines

Enable this setting on order to extend any POC line from each candle until it has been clearly revisited by another printed candle. This by default is shown in a red colouring. 


12.  Imbalance(%) -

Alter the numerical value of this setting in order to re configure Exo-desktop's database calculations required to show an imbalance on your charts screen. Values of 250-400 are commonly used and recommended. 


13. Show imbalances boxes -

Enable this setting to create a more distinctive appearance of your candles imbalances. This creates a bordered box in black with the imbalance in a green or red highlight. 


14. Imbalance ignore zeros -

Enabling this setting allows you to to filter out any values of imbalance that would've been created from values of 0. In return the charts calculation system disregards these values as imbalances if the opposing side has a value of 0.