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Grid, Cursor settings: 

Grid, Cursor settings can be found via the following: 

> Right-click on your charts screen that you would like to change. 

> Select "Chart Settings"

> Select the "Grid, Cursor" category on the left hand side. 


1. Show X/Y grid - 

Enabling this setting applies vertical and horizontal lines to your charts screen to act as a grid. Enable the box on the left to show vertical lines, and the box on the right to show horizontal lines. They can be displayed individually or together. 


2.  Grid type - 

Alter this setting allows you to change the frequency  and style of the grid lines on your chart (if  above setting is enabled). The following styles are accessible via this setting: 



3. Show Session grid - 

Enabling this setting displays a vertical line on your chart which helps you to distinguish between separate sessions on your charts screen. The placement of this is based of your charts session setting, which can be found be going to > Chart settings > Session. 


4. Session grid type - 

Alter this setting to change the frequency and appearance of your session grid lines ( if enabled). the following options are accessible via this setting:



5. Session End labels - 

Enable this setting to apply a label of your charts time zone at the end of each session. 


6. Repeat background for indicators - 

 Enable this setting to apply your main charts screens background to all your indicators on your chart. This makes your chart appear more seamlessly. 


7. Enable Global Cursor (for this chart) - 

This setting allows you to see the same price and time on one chart, that will be reflected onto any other charts on your current workspace. This is seen via the use of the cursor movement. Wherever you move your cursor will be reflected onto any other screens on your current workspace.


8. Inverse scroll zoom - 

Enabling this setting will reverse the zoom in and zoom out functions, which is dependent on the scroll.  To zoom in will now require you to scroll backwards and vice versa to zoom out.


9.  Zoom to cursor - 

Enable this setting to control the area you zoom into and out of on your charts screen. With this setting enabled your chart will zoom in and out to the area your cursor is placed on your chart.