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POC row settings

Point of control row (POC) displays respective candle point of control price level. It is an additional option to display candle POC on the chart. 


1 - Row type: POC (preselected)

2 - POC background color: changes POC background color. Two color boxes represents candle positive and negative candle color. By default green and red colors selected respectively.

3 - Color grade steps: changes background color grading steps, min - 2, max - 100;

4 - Color grade stop %: changes minimum density of the background color, the bigger the value, the less density range is taken, min - 10, max - 100;

5 - Fade text: changes grading target, instead of cell background faded, the text is faded. When option selected, additional checkbox appears, where text background color could be changed;

6 - Delete row: deletes the present row;

7 - + Add row: ads new row below the present row;

8 - + Clone row: duplicates the present row below.