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Time row settings

Time row displays candle building time in minutes. It useful, when candle periods others, than time based selected. For example, if the PnF candle period selected, beside the timeline on the bottom of the status bar displayed, time row from FPBS displays PnF candle building time in minutes.


1 - Row type: Time (preselected)

2 - Time background color: changes time row background color;

3 - Color grade steps: changes background color grading steps, min - 2, max - 100;

4 - Color grade stop %: changes minimum density of the background color, the bigger the value, the less density range is taken, min - 10, max - 100;

5 - Fade text: changes grading target, instead of cell background faded, the text is faded. When option selected, additional checkbox appears, where text background color could be changed;

6 - Inverse color fading: from the highest value most dense colored to lowest value most dense colored;

7 - Show raw seconds: changes time measurement units, from minutes to seconds;

8 - Delete row: deletes the present row;

9 - + Add row: ads new row below the present row;

10 - + Clone row: duplicates the present row below.