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Context menu

To access and expand the context menu, click the left mouse button anywhere on the chart screen area.


1 - Show: menu duplicates toolbar icons (Show main chart, Show Composite Left CPL, Show Composite Right CPR, Show Object tree, Show Templates, Auto Price scale, Lock to last Center Lock to last, Show session marks, Show X grid, Show Y grid, Show CrossHair, Snap CrossHair, Reset Scale);

2 - Edit: 

         Short numbers: shortens the numbers within the candle;

         Zoom to cursor: refers to zooming options. When selected the screen zooms to that area where the mouse is pointing at. When deselected, the zooming center will be the center of the window;

         Scale clusters by lower band:

         Use Raw POC: override chart Tick settings for the POC calculation. POC calculation changed to 1 tick, chart Tick size settings did not change; 

         Show Nacked POC: extends POC lines to the right side of the screen;

         Show Imbalances Boxes: shows imbalance boxes by coloring number background with a black box;

         Direction Candle Thick: changes candle border thickness for a more convenient candle view;

         Show memory usage: shows memory usage bar at the top right corner of the window;

3 - Chart settings...: open settings window in Chart settings tab;  Colors, CPL, CPR, TPO);

4 - Marker settings...: open the settings window in the Auto-Markers settings tab;

5 - <- CPL settings...: open Composite Profile left settings;

6 - -> CPR settings...: open Composite Profile right settings;

7 - TPO Settings...: open TPO settings, this option is available only on the TPO mode;

8 - Reset All TPO merges, this option is available only on the TPO mode;

9 - Data:

         Re-download this day data: refresh historical day data from the server;

         Re-download this week's data: refresh historical week data from the server;

10 - Reload chart: reload active chart view.


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