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Home window overview

The home window appears on the first run of the Exochart Desktop Pro software or whenever a new tab is opened. 


1 - Top menu:


                  - Quit: closes the program;

                  - Log out: logs you out of your current account


                  - Manage Trading sessions...: refers to trading sessions management (add or delete). Please note the built-in trading sessions could not be deleted or edited;

                  - Video settings - refers to video driver for rendering selection options (Autodetect, Direct X11, OpenGL, Enable V-Syn) and shows GPU information;   

                  - Clear web cache: deletes the information automatically stored to your device when opening the desktop app if any web tabs are in use.


                   - Bug Report: weblink to the bug and feature request submission form;

                   - Exocharts Pro manual: weblink to Exocharts FAQ and user manual;

                   - My Account: weblink to Exocharts web platform, account information page;

                   - Recenter all workspaces: brings all workspaces to the centre of the primary monitor. Alternatively, workspace could be recentered by pressing shortcut key -  Ctrl-P;

                   - Log console: opens log console where desktops code is written;

                   - Data Folder: opens Exocharts desktop data folder location on the hard drive of the PC/Mac you are using;


                   - Save as Workspace: If tabs are open in app, save current templates that are open as a labelled workspace.

                   - Import workspace: Import a saved workspace from your PC’s hard drive.

                   - Export workspace: If tabs are open in app, export the current workspace to storage.

                   - Manage workspaces...: refers to workspace selecting, saving, and overwriting. 

                   - Create a new workspace: refers to creating a new empty workspace;


2 - Shows exchange connection status;

3 - Shows software version display;

4 - Standard windows control menu: Fullscreen, Minimise, Maximise, Close buttons;

5 - Opens new Tab;

6 - Window type selection: 

          Chart: opens charting window;

          DOM: opens DOM window.

          Web: opens built-in 3d party applications selection menu.

7 - Tab name: shows selected pair symbol;