Why ExoCharts and Trading View markers are different /vah/val/poc/etc?

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What causes this to happen?

The most common answer to this is mainly due to the different tick sizes used on charting platforms (TradingView) when compared to your ExoCharts tick size.

A tick is representative of the smallest increment in which the price of an asset can change, therefore the tick of an asset varies. 

The VA’s of a selected area of price (VAH/POC/VAL) from the charts on Trading View, when using tools such as the fixed range volume profile and session profile, are programmed similarity to that in ExoCharts in calculating these levels based off of value area volume and tick size.


What can I change to make them equal?

 - Value Area Volume:

First of all, the Value area volume of the profile may be different. The value area volume is the price range in which a specified percentage of the total volume of the profile was traded. The default on ExoCharts is set at 68%, as this approximates one standard deviation from the POC (Point Of Control). However on trading view this default is set at 70%, which would alter the VAH’s &VAL’s of a profile. This can be modified in trading view by double clicking on the profile to enter settings and changing the setting at the bottom named: “Value Area Volume” and changing the value to 68 so it mimics that of ExoCharts. 

 - Tick size- Dynamic Profile:

In order to change the tick size of a profile on Exo desktop, once you’ve pulled a dynamic profile using the toolbar on the left hand side, double click on the corner. This should direct you to its settings, where you should notice there is no area to change its tick size. This is because the tick size of that profile is based upon the tick size your chart is set at. So to change its tick size you must change the tick size of your chart, in the top section of your border.

For Trading View, you want to go to the settings of your profile and make sure that the rows layout setting is set on “ticks per row” as the default is set at “number of rows”. Now you can change the tick size to be the same as Exo’s.

 - Other Profile VA’s:

For other profiles, in Exo desktop double- click on “Mrk” settings found on the left toolbar of the application. This should direct you to settings and auto-markers where common profile VA’s are shown such as previous and developing: day, week and month. At the bottom, you are able to change the tick size. I would recommend a larger tick size per period chosen .i.e. monthly tick size larger than daily.


Are there any other reasons why my VA’s are different from the chart?

To put it simply, yes. Another reason why the VA’s may differ from an original Trading View chart is that of the use of a TPO chart on Exo where the VA’s are based off from time instead of volume (volume overlay can also be added for better data), hence the values represented are based off an entirely different data source than say Trading View, on a volume profile.