I could not change time frame on Exo desktop

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Every time I try to change the days on my charts and save my workspace, it does not change. I closed and opened Exo Desktop, which still doesn't change the time frame. Do you know what the fix for it is? 


Changing the candle time frame on the desktop version is different from the web version, because of the different selection menu. After selecting the time frame, the web version loaded straightforwardly.

The desktop app time frame selection menu is divided into three parts: Lookback, Type, and Period. In order to change the Lookback and/or Type of the time frame, any value from the period column should be selected for confirmation. 

Exocharts Desktop Pro candle time frame selection steps:

1. Select Look back period - optional

2. Select candle period type - optional

3. Select candle period - mandatory



So to conclude:

On Exo-desktop, the Time Frame of your charts candle rotational period, is given the name “Period”. In order to change any setting such as “look-back” and “Period”, choose your desired “look-back”, then to confirm choose your desired “Period”. When changing only the “Period” of your chart, you can simply click on a new value on your charts “Period” area, configuring the amount through the “Type” setting. 


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