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Rectangle settings

The rectangle tool draws the rectangle on the chart. The tool is commonly used to select specific chart areas. Rectangle tool has 3 prebuilt presets: green zone, red zone dashed blue.


1 - Color / Bg. / Width: changes line color / enables background color and changes background color / sets border line width, min - 1, max - 20;

2 - Dash custom / defined: changes line setting. When the checkbox is selected, dashing line frequency settings appear (min - 0, max - 50), when the checkbox is unselected, a predefined line selection option appears;

3 - Lock: locks rectangle on the chart;

Bottom panel:

4 - Save: saves changes under present preset;

5 - Save New: duplicates preset and saves changes as a new preset;

6 - Set Default: sets as default preset, every new rectangle will be loaded under this preset;

7 - Reset: resets preset to default values;

8 - Remove: deletes preset unrecoverably.