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Dynamic profile settings

The dynamic profile is a tool to gather additional market information by drawing a candle on the selected area. This tool aggregates data off the chosen period and displays it as a candle. All the data is sourced from the candle within the selected location. Dynamic profile does not have integrated any presets, but the user could create their own presets. 


1 - Dash custom / defined: changes line setting. When the checkbox is selected, dashing line frequency settings appear (min - 0, max - 50), when the checkbox is unselected, a predefined line selection option appears;

2 - Border / Bg. colour: changes dynamic profile border-colour/ on-off background color/ changes background colour;

3 -  All other settings inherit from the main chart: by default, the settings are inherited from the main chart but could be changed by the user.  Changing the settings below does not impact the main chart settings, only changes dynamic profile settings;

4 - Cluster mode:

         Void: empty candle displayed;

         Volume Profile: displays total volume traded at specific prices during the candle rotation period;

         Delta Profile: display the difference between the volume bought and the volume sold at each price point within a candle;

         Bid-Ask Profile: displays volume traded on the buy and the sell sides;

         Volume Cluster: displays total volume traded at specific prices in colored clusters;

         Delta Cluster: display difference between the volume bought and, in fading colored clusters;

         Delta Ladder: delta clusters displayed in two columns clusters;

         Delta Ladder profile: delta shown in two-column horizontal bars;

5 - Text mode: 

         None: none of the text displayed;

         Volume: text displays the volume traded at each tick interval;

         Delta: text displays the difference between filled bids and asks (delta = bids - asks) at each tick interval. Delta is calculated horizontally;

         Bid-Ask: text displays the bids and asks filled at each price interval. Asks on the left, Bids on the                 right;

         Imbalance: the text is the same as Bid-Ask Text. However, imbalance text also highlights significant excesses of bids or asks. Bids and asks are compared diagonally; each bid against the next ask below, each ask against the next bid above. imbalanced values are highlighted either green or red depending on the direction. The % threshold for imbalance text can be altered in chart settings (250 = 250% or 2.5x).

6 - Candle type:

         None: no candle frames displayed;

         Color Candle: candle borders Open/Close displayed with High/Low (OHCL); 

         Color Box: candle borders Open/Close displayed without High/Low (OC);

         Bordered Candle: candle Open/Close area filled with color with separate border and High/Low (OHCL);

         Flat Candle: candle Open/Close area filled with color without separate border and High/Low (OHCL);

         OHLC: candle bar Open/Close displayed with High/Low (OHCL);

         OC: candle bar Open/Close displayed without High/Low (OC); 

         HL: candle bar High/Low displayed (HL); 

         Embed: embedded candle bar Open/Close displayed without High/Low (OC); 

         Exo Candle: Exocharts exclusive color set of Color Candle;

7 - Show VA / VA%: on-off volume area /  define volume area settings in percentage, the default  - 68%, min - 1%, max - 100%; 

8 - Outside VA opacity %: changes bars opacity outside volume area, the default settings - 80%, min - 1%, max - 100%;

9 - Show POC / Raw POC: on-off view of the POC / sets POC to raw - 1 tick settings, changing the dynamic profile settings does note impact POC settings;

10 - Show info: on-off info display board at the bottom of the dynamic profile; 

11 - Short numbers: shorten numbers of the dynamic profile numbers chosen bey text mode settings; 

12 - Tick* sync Chart: sync Tick settings from chart Tick settings. If the checkbox unchecked defines custom Tick settings for the dynamic profile; 

13 - Lock: locks Dynamic Profile on the chart; 

Bottom panel:

14 - Save New: duplicates preset and saves changes as a new preset;

15 - Set Default: sets as default preset, every new Dynamic Profile will be loaded under this preset;

18 - Reset: resets preset to default values;

19 - Remove: deletes preset unrecoverably.